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A subscription based video editing
service for YouTubers

Best Features

Your Dedicated Video Editor

Get your very own dedicated video editor who will adopt your editing style and work according to your guidelines to aid in hassle-free workflow.


Action Cam/Drone Footage

It doesn’t matter if you have tonnes of footage from multi-cams, our expert editors will stitch them up seamlessly to create one dynamic video. When it comes to raw footage, we believe, the more the merrier.

Powerful Royalty Free Music

We can choose a royalty-free track for you tailored to your video or you can suggest one yourself, so you can upload your videos to social media without the worry of it being flagged down.

Expert Editors

Our professional editors understand the nuance that is required to edit this genre. They are proficient and hands-on with the top of the line software to ensure that no action goes amiss.

Express Delivery

We understand that as YouTubers, its vital to keep your subscribers updated by sharing with them the latest content. We offer ‘48 hour Express Delivery’ by default for our YouTube Packages.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer free unlimited revisions to ensure your satisfaction. We will keep working as you add your suggestions, till you are completely satisfied with the final video.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee!

No Question Asked

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Pricing Plans


Why is there a cap on monthly videos in Ultimate Pack? Why aren’t you guys providing unlimited videos in a month?

We believe in being transparent and open with our customers at all stages. Instead of using gimmicks and fancy words, we are upfront with our offerings.
If we do the math, one video every 48 hours means 3 videos every week and 12 videos a month. We offer 13 a month. 🙂

What is the custom package?

If you feel that you require something tailor made to your needs, for instance, you require more videos in a month, we can assess and draw up a plan specifically for you.

If I want 100 videos to be edited, would you guys do it?

Ofcourse! A queue of requests will be created and your editor will start working on them in the same order. As long as you are subscribed to us, you would continue to receive a video every 48 hours. If you want us to edit them in a certain time frame, Please ask for custom plan.

What kind of videos can I request for editing?

We can edit all types of videos from weddings, travel videos, Instagram posts, Facebook ads, online courses, real estate videos and of course youtube videos!
However, we do have limitations when it comes to creating animated videos or performing voice overs.

Is there a limit on the length of raw and finished video?

There is a limit of 45mins on the raw footage being submitted unless you are subscribed to our ‘Custom Pack’. There is no limit on the length of the finished video.

Can you guys add subtitles on your own or do I have to provide the text?

Its fine for us either ways, we will add the subtitles for you.

How much is ‘60 minutes of subtitles’? How is it calculated?

There is no limit on the number of words which can be part of subtitle text. We calculate it based on the time duration the subtitles are applied within a video and the same is deducted from your limit.

What if I want more minutes for subtitles?

If it is a one off requirement, you can purchase our subtitles add-on. But, if you feel that you require more than ‘60 minutes’ of subtitles for your monthly quota, we can design a custom plan for you.

Is there a contract or commitment?

Our subscription service works just like Netflix’s, its on a monthly basis. No Yearly commitment or contract necessary.

Do you guys work 7 days a week?

We work from Monday to Saturday, 6 days a week.

What if I require changes in the final video?

You can request unlimited revisions, be it as minute as changing up font style/color that is to your liking. We will work with you till you are 100% happy.

Ok, I’m ready to sign up, what’s next?

That’s great! Choose a plan of your choice and sign up. You will be sent a welcome email containing the on-boarding process so you can acquaint yourself to our process and get started immediately.