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Follow these simple steps to get your videos edited

Step 1

Sign up for one of our plans that fits your needs

Choose a plan that best fits your needs varying from single, weekly to getting up 13 videos a month! And if you feel you want more, hit us up for a custom plan so that you get the best value.

Step 2

Share your content goals

Once you have signed up, our team will start setting up your account. Meanwhile, share detailed info about your channel/brand(s) so that we can build an understanding of your style and your needs.

Step 3

Your very own Account Manager and a dedicated Video Editor!

You will be assigned an account manager who will be your contact point to discuss project priorities & requirements, act as a liaison between you and your dedicated editor, and keep you posted on the project’s status.

Step 4

Start your first project

To kick off your first project, fill out the video request form. Share details on how you would like the editor to handle the project link to reference videos, approximate length of the final video you are aiming for, the type of music to use – you get the idea. The more details you provide, the easier it would be for your dedicated video editor to create a video that best represents your brand.

Step 5

Upload your raw footage to our dedicated dropbox folder

Share your footage with us along with your branding guidelines in a dedicated folder. There is absolutely NO LIMIT on the file size of your raw footage. However, take care that the raw footage doesn’t exceed the 45min mark.

Step 6

Get your final video within 48 hours

While you do what matters to you, your team will be clanking away editing your footage. Once done, your account manager will share the final project with you for review after doing a quality check.

Step 7

Unlimited revisions using our video proofing tool

While reviewing the video if you feel that the background music is a tad bit loud while the person is speaking, you can make a comment on the exact timestamp and your editor will have it fixed.

Its simple isn’t it? Try Our Service 100% Risk Free


We understand that deciding to go to a new service can be tricky for some.

That’s why we offer a ’14-Day Money Back Guarantee’
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If for some reason you feel this isn’t the right fit despite our best efforts, you can ask for a refund.

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