Terms & Conditions


Editvideo.io is a platform to help creators tell their stories by providing a complete video editing solution. In order to ensure that we continue to serve you in the best possible manner, we have some guidelines. Please go through them before signing up.

For YouTubers

1. If you create multiple requests simultaneously, your dedicated video editor will start working on the first request you have generated. Once that project has been marked as completed by your side, he will move on to the next request in the queue.

2. We promise a delivery time of 48 hours except if a Sunday falls in between. Our teams are offline on Sunday.

3. If you require a revision in your video, you can request at the time of delivery, they will be handled within 24 hours.

4. The length of the raw footage cannot be longer than 45mins except under special circumstances.

For Wedding & GoPro

1. The raw footage length that you provide should match the length that you select in our pricing calculator at the time of placing order.
2. The delivery days you select for the project completion at the time of placing the order would be adhered to unless a Sunday falls in between those days. Our teams are offline on Sunday.
3. If you require a revision in your video, you can do so using the three revision rounds.
4. Every iteration of the video delivered to you after the first submission will be considered as a round of revision being used.
5. Your revision requests will be handled within 48 hours (excluding Sundays).

Easy Communication

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions or anything related to our service, please feel free to send us a message on chat. We will try our best to answer you as soon as possible.